Fine Hand Made Wooden Lure Bodies Pebble Lures
Great for your Custom Paint Job !

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Fine HandMade
Wooden Lure Bodies
Great for your Custom Paint Job !
Fine Wooden Unpainted Lures Bodies

Large 5.0" Flat Sided Wood CrankBait BodyFine Wooden Lure Bodies!Fine Turned Wood Lure Blanks
Soft Baits | Grubs, double tails, tube tails ...
Soft Baits | Double Tails | Tubes | Grubs...
Fine Wooden Bare Body to Fine Lure Art!
Turn these Fine Wooden Bare Bodies to Fine Lure Art

Small 2.3" FlatSided Wood CrankBait Body

2.5" Flat sided Lower Belly CrankBait
Musky, Pike, Bass Tropedo Bodies
6.0" & Turned Musky / Pike & Torpedo Bodies!

3.1" Pebble Lures Popper Bodies
3.1" Wooden Popper Bodies

Lure Hardware & Accessories

Top Water Custom Lure | Blood Orange Crackle
HandCrafted Wood Lures
Inline Spinners | Flash Series
Inline Spinners