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6.5" Musky / Bass Sectional Top water Lure Blank with tail spinner
6.5" Top Water Musky/Bass Surface Spinner
6.5" Musky/Bass Top Water Spinner lure blank.

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6.5" inch Musky/Bass Top Water Spinner lure blank.
Our Price Per Piece: $5.99

Price with Selected Options: $5.99

Item Code: PLP0065

Lure Hardware Kit Basic #1

Includes nose/tail grommets, brass bearings, thru wire & tail prop blade
Lure Hardware Kit #2

Musky Tail Spinner Hardware #2 (Eyes, Hooks, Split Rings & Swivel)
Lure Hardware Kit #3

(optional, not always required) Musky Tail Spinner Hardware #3 (Belly Weight)

Description Technical Specs Extended Information
Musky Top Water Surface Spinner
A large 6.5" inch (approximate) Musky/Bass Top Water sectional lure blank.
Has a front body that is meant to be connected to a smaller rear wood tail spinner via a through wire.

A prop blade should be attached to the tail spinner and some installation work is required. Fairly easy to assemble.

Rated for Musky and large Bass.

Note: Hardware is optional and not included in basic lure pricing. Picture with hardware components shown for assembling purposes. Hardware can be purchased separately as a kit.


Length: 6.5" inches (approx) nose to tail
Front Body: 4.0"
Rear tail: 2.5"
1.4" inch approx. Top side to bottom belly is

2.3 oz approximate (without hardware)

Choose Hardware Kit Option to build the complete functional lure excluding hooks, swivels and split rings
Optional Individual Hardware (can be purchased separately):
: 0.052" O.D. through wire
: Nose/Tail grommets for both sections
: Belly Grommet for front body for swivel (required belly hole drilling to intersect front/tail through hole)
: Solid Brass Bead Bearing to ride between the front/tail sections
: Prop Blade for the rear section (requires a thin slot cutting for attaching blade with epoxy)

: Eyes: 7/16" OD

: Hooks: 3/0 or 2/0 depending on the target species and may vary slightly
: Split Rings: #6 ~ #8
: Swivels: size 1 (test 70lbs), size 2/0 (test 125lbs) or 4/0 (test160lbs)
: Belly Weight (optional for front body to keep it stable from spinning)

Lure Building / Assembly:
Front: Body Build:
- Drill a 1/4" Belly hole in the front body for bottom hook hanger
- Optionally, drill another belly weight hole, but usually not necessary
- Add required weight (0.15oz / 4~5gms or less) and seal the weight hole

Rear: Body Build:
- Using a hacksaw make a slit (1/2" or so deep) on the rear body, starting from the wider end and towards the narrow rear end.
- Band saw is not recommended. Just sawing manually is the best method.
- Takes about a minute or so to cut the lure. Make sure to hold the rear in a vise and take safety precautions while cutting.
- Fit the Tally Wacker blade into the slot with Epoxy and let it dry as per the drying time.


- Seal the lure body with sanding sealer or clear coat
- Paint the lure as per your liking and then finish with a top coat

Front Body Hardware assembly:
1) First affix a nose grommet to the front of the lure body. Use a little super glue if needed.
2) Then insert the through wire into the front body so the looped end sits over the nose grommet.
3) Add a 0.495" tail grommet to the back end of the front body and use a tiny bit of super glue to affix the grommet. Ensure the through wire passes through the tail grommet
4) Next insert the brass bead into the through wire on the rear end.

Rear Body Hardware assembly:
1) Affix a 0.495" tail grommet it into wide end of the rear lure body with a bit of super glue. Ensure not to block the hole of the grommet.
1) Pass the through wire (coming from the front lure body) into the wider end of the rear body via the tail grommet. Then push the wire out of the narrow end of the rear body.
3) Add a 0.325" tail grommet to the narrower back end of the rear body and use a tiny bit of super glue to affix the grommet. Ensure the through wire passes through the tail grommet
4) Add the remaining second brass bead as the final component at the rear.
5) Complete the assembly with a tail loop at the rear end of the lure.
6) Finally bend the tally wacker tail blade using your fingers to the left or right by about 35 degrees or so. The direction of rotation of the tail body will depend on which side you bend the blade.

Your are now done building a great top water Musky spinner lure!

  • All Wood construction
    Rated for Musky
    Through wired
    Spinning sectional rear (requires some work to attach blade to rear section. Not complicated)

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